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Our Story

Ocean Sands Collective is a Sydney based business which creates premium quality, natural products with unique and luxurious fragrances. It was founded by Caitlin in 2016 from the love of home fragrances and how they can uplift, personalise and style any space. We combined with our passion for the benefits of natural products and how they can nourish, hydrate and repair the body.

Each product is individually handmade from start to finish in Sydney using only natural and premium Australian ingredients. We craft our products in small batches to ensure that we maintain high levels of consistency and quality throughout production.

Caitlin has combined her love for these products with research, undertaken courses and endless testing to gain an in-depth understanding of high different waxes, fragrances, wicks and ingredients work differently until we found the perfect combination that brings you the best quality candle and long lasting diffusers. We believe candles and diffusers are more than just a product. They decorate, relax and they evoke emotions. 

Caitlin has always loved natural bath and body products due to the amazing benefits they hold. After endless research and understanding of the benefits of all natural ingredients, with lots of experimentation we launched a collection of natural and beautiful bath and body products that hydrate, moisturise, repair and nourish the skin. Our bath and body range are free from any chemicals and made using natural Australian ingredients.